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Season 2-Episode 4: Welcome Back UTL495

Season 2-Episode 4: Welcome Back UTL495

If you are finding it hard to believe that 10 short weeks ago, we were getting ready to recharge during summer break, you are not alone! Here we are at the beginning of a new school year filled with anticipation of great things ahead.

This week, the Podcast Twins chatted with United Teachers of Lowell 495 President Paul Georges about some developments over that summer break, some things that UTL is continuing to monitor and the importance of staying in touch with each other.

We have lots to look forward to as we begin a new academic year - and many reasons to stick together! We are Union Strong!


  • When contacting the United Teachers of Lowell, we’d like to remind members that your concerns and conversations remain confidential. However, to protect your anonymity and confidentiality, we’d remind you to:

    • Use a PERSONAL EMAIL address when corresponding to the UTL via email. Any correspondence from a school email addresses ( could be monitored by Lowell Public Schools as that is the entity owning the domain.

    • Use a personal technology device (cellphone, tablet, laptop, desktop) for any confidential correspondence.

    • For more information about using business vs. personal technology for confidential correspondence, you might find this article interesting.

  • Keep up with news and issues that impact all of us by:

    • Listen to our weekly radio broadcast, “Teacher Voice, Labor Matters” each Monday from 10 am to 11 am on WCAP 980 am. The program is rebroadcast on Tuesdays from 6 pm to 7 pm.

    • Check out our weekly podcast, “UTL Straight Talk” found on the web at or on Apple Podcast.

    • Subscribe to our member emails on Action Network to receive our weekly news summary, “Five for Friday” in your email box each Friday.

    • Attend your building’s 10 Minute Meetings.

    • Come to General Membership meetings and socialize with us at our UTL Social events.

  • Contact us at the United Teachers of Lowell 495:

    • The office phone number is 978-937-9039. If you are calling when the office is closed, you can opt to record a voicemail message.

    • The UTL’s email address is:

  • See your Building Representative to add your contact information to our Communications database. Full dues-paying members have access to

    • UTL495’s closed Facebook Group. Requests for membership in this group are granted on an ongoing basis.

    • ActionNetwork’s email database. When your email address is added to the database, you are eligible to receive our weekly Five for Friday newsletter and occasional GetActive alerts for members.

    • The HUSTLE text messaging system for emergency messages

Mickie and Amy thank Paul for sitting down with us for this episode. The United Teachers of Lowell continues to advocate for all of our members and we continue to monitor situations that are brought to our attention. If you notice something that may need our attention, let us know!

We hope that if you enjoy what you hear, you’ll consider subscribing to our podcast using Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. As always, we welcome your general comments and feedback. If you have suggestions for future podcast topics or if you are aware of a UTL495 member who might be willing to share experiences or expertise, send us an email at

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