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Episode 23: Benign Neglect & Building Conditions

Episode 23: Benign Neglect & Building Conditions

We continue to hear from our members about facility concerns that impact student and staff health. Despite raising these concerns over and over on behalf of our members and students in the Lowell Public Schools, after decades of what UTL President Paul Georges terms “benign neglect”, building environment concerns continue to impact our students and staff in ways that are not conducive for learning. The Collins Report offers an accounting of facility concerns throughout the city and specifically details city-owned school buildings. That report can be found here. The City of Lowell Board of Health also has been following these concerns through their monthly meetings.

At the Board of Health December 5, 2018 meeting, UTL President Paul Georges spoke before the board to again raise awareness and concerns about school facilities. In this Podcast Episode, Paul talks to us about the concerns raised and what we all need to do to continue to advocate for buildings that will provide our students and staff with a suitably safe physical learning environment.

For More Information:

  • Link here for the Board of Health agenda and meeting documents from December 5, 2018. The prior meeting. The Board of Health meets the first Wednesday of each month.

  • The referenced Collins Report is an attachment to this memorandum issued in July 2018. The report documents facilities issues for all City of Lowell buildings, including school facilities.

  • If you are a member of the United Teachers of Lowell OR a staff member at a school here in Lowell, please respond to this quick Survey which collects observational data about rodents using a personal (non-work) internet connection. We are collecting more specific data about the types of rodent evidence observed and specifics as to which schools continue to be affected. We would also like to pinpoint where in the building the rodent evidence was observed. The survey will remain open until December 24 so that we can compile information as needed for the next Board of Health meeting.

  • Heads up to members that we will ask for your input regarding air temperatures in January 2019 when school resumes.

  • If you notice and report a building maintenance issue that is a concern, please contact the UTL as well as building administration. That contact can be made via your Building Rep, a direct phone call to the UTL office (978-937-9039) , or email USING A NON-WORK EMAIL ADDRESS to

Thanks again to Paul Georges and Mickie Dumont for continuing to bring some much-needed attention to the health and safety concerns impacting our students and staff members.

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