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Episode 45: Our Season Finale - No Cliffhangers Here

Episode 45: Our Season Finale - No Cliffhangers Here

The Podcast Twins, AKA as Mickie Dumont and Amy Bisson, are taking a moment to reflect on our adventures in podcasting. We are both grateful that the United Teachers of Lowell 495 and the Executive Board and Leadership of the UTL have given us the opportunity to talk to some incredible educators and advocates for public education.

As we close out our first season of podcasting - because, yes indeed, we are planning a Season 2 - we are appreciative of everyone who has taken a few moments to listen, to share, and even to subscribe to our weekly podcasts. We also want to thank and recognize the interviewees who have shared their experience, their expertise, and their thoughts across a wide range of educational ideas. One of the best aspects of this assignment has been meeting and speaking to these talented people! Your stories are powerful and inspirational.

As mentioned in the audio, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions for podcast episodes. The best way to reach either Mickie or Amy is through this podcast’s email: If you enjoy the podcasts, we hope you’ll consider subscribing to our Straight-Talk podcasts via Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Tune-In. Of course we’ll always be available on the podcast’s website too.

As we say in our introduction, this podcast is produced by and for members of the United Teachers of Lowell 495 right here in Lowell, Massachusetts.  We know we have listeners in other corners of the world, too and while we focus on issues and information that are of importance to our local members, we hope those listening in from other places in the universe find the information useful and informative. As we close out this season with Episode 45, we thank all of you for tuning in. We’ll be back in August with new episodes, but until then, we hope everyone has a safe and relaxing summer break!

We hope you’ll go back and catch up on any UTL-StraightTalk podcasts you may have missed. Over the summer, we’ll be busy planning and recording some episodes for Season 2, so be sure to send us an email with any suggested topics that may be interesting to our UTL members.

While we are on a podcast mini-break, our radio broadcast, Teacher Voice Labor Matters can still be heard live on WCAP 980 am radio every Monday from 10 am to 11 am.  We hope you’ll consider calling in as well - we’d love to hear from you! The WCAP call in number is 978-454-4980.

Thank you, for tuning in to this episode. We welcome your general comments and feedback. If you have suggestions for future podcasts or if you are aware of UTL members who might be willing to share their experiences and expertise, send us an email at

Episode 44: Stronger Together

Episode 44: Stronger Together