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Episode 29: Meet UTL495's Nancy Giblin

Episode 29: Meet UTL495's Nancy Giblin

As a union local, we have many people working on our members’ behalf. When a member reaches out to our local, one of first people you most likely will speak with is Office Manager, Nancy Giblin. Nancy, as you will learn, has been with our UTL495 office since 1992. That means Nancy has invaluable background and knowledge of how things work, who to contact, and can often point members with questions to the answers they are looking for.

Nancy is calm, courteous and always on top of Member requests returning phone calls and making sure that Member messages and enquiries are responded to as promptly as possible.

It is our great pleasure to introduce Members who may not have met her yet, to Nancy. She is at the heart of our union! Nancy Giblin is one of the main reasons that United Teachers of Lowell is UNION STRONG.

For More Information:

  • If you need to reach out to the United Teachers of Lowell, you can do so through email ( or phone (978-937-9039).

  • Nancy suggests that if your inquiry is personal, you may wish to consider using a personal email address when emailing or a cellphone number when calling.

  • United Teachers of Lowell’s regular business hours when school is in session are 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. After hour messages can be left confidentially on the UTL’s answering machine or sent via email.

  • Summer and school break UTL office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm.

  • United Teachers of Lowell maintains strict confidentiality with member conversations and concerns.

The Podcast Twins thank Nancy for joining us today. Nancy is not only GOOD at her job, she is kind too! We are so fortunate to have Nancy here supporting all of us.

We also thank you, our listeners and especially to UTL members for tuning in to this Episode. We welcome your general comments and feedback. If you have suggestions for future podcasts or if you are aware of a UTL member who might be willing to share expertise and experiences, please email us at

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