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Episode 39: Farrell-Grady Scholarship FAQ

Episode 39: Farrell-Grady Scholarship FAQ

Are you aware that the United Teachers of Lowell sponsors a scholarship each year? The Farrell-Grady Scholarships were established to honor two UTL495 greats: Bill Farrell and Tom Grady. Each year the UTL awards a scholarship to every graduating high school senior whose parent is a United Teachers of Lowell member.

In this episode, we speak with Midge Farrell, the wife of Bill Farrell and a formidable educator in her own right. Midge graciously spoke with us to tell a bit about the establishment of the Farrell-Grady Scholarship Awards.


The Farrell-Grady Scholarships are supported each year by ongoing fundraising through the Farrell-Grady Raffle cards. The cards are available through our Building Reps and at the UTL Offices at 169 Merrimack Street in Lowell. Be sure to look for and support this phenomenal scholarship effort next Fall.

The 2019 Scholarship Awards were presented on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Please be sure to check the UTL’s email blast for the names - and some photos - of this year’s awardees.

If your child is graduating from High School next spring (2020), be sure to look for and complete the Farrell-Grady Scholarship award application which will become available in late winter 2020.

More Photos On the Way


Thank you to Midge Farrell for speaking with us tonight about the Farrell-Grady Scholarships. We also thank you, our members, for your support of our annual scholarship fundraiser.  

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