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Episode 21: Educator Evaluation Cycle, Part 1

Episode 21: Educator Evaluation Cycle, Part 1

In this week’s episode, Episode 21, Mickie and Amy are joined by Lowell Teacher Academy Facilitator Pina Maggio as we take a close look at the Educator Evaluation cycle especially as it applies to those educators who are in Year 1 through Year 3. Today’s discussion is focused upon the definitions and expectations in the evaluation process, including, but not limited to, the four types of Educator Plans, proposed goals and the Evaluation Cycle up through January 15th, 2019. We will be back again after the new year to discuss the next parts of the cycle for educators on both Developing and Self-Directed plans.

Since 2011, the evaluation of educators has become much more data driven and focused. DESE, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, outlines the requirements for both developing educators, or those in the beginning stages of their teaching careers, and professional status educators (PTS). Within the evaluation cycle, educators and their evaluators focus on goals that are set by individual educators, grade level teams, by the Evaluator, by departments, or groups of Educators who have the same roles.


  • Here are a few facts for educators who need to upload evidence of progress toward goals.

    • Evidence must be uploaded no later than December 15th. No exceptions.

    • If your evaluator should reject the evidence you provide, your recourse is to re-submit the artifact or evidence. A suggestion in this case is to share your evidence with your evaluator prior to uploading it to be sure it will be acceptable. A re-submission should take place as soon as possible.

    • Required evidence includes an artifact of the educator’s choosing for both Standard 3 & Standard 4. This is a case where QUALITY of the artifact is of greater importance the than QUANTITY. One artifact or piece of evidence should be submitted for each standard.

    • Evidence should also reflect progress toward the goals the Developing educator stated in the Goals submissions in October..

  • A document explaining and summarizing the Educator Evaluation process in Lowell is available from the UTL Office. Please call and leave a message for Mickie Dumont if you need a copy.

  • United Teachers of Lowell outlines the Teacher Evaluation process and required documentation as negotiated under the current contract. The Joint Committee on Educator Evaluation (JCEE) regularly reviews LPSD requirements. UTL members should refer to current contract language throughout the evaluation process. Contact your school building representative or the UTL office for clarifications as necessary. The UTL office can be reached via email at or via telephone at 978-937-9039.

  • DESE’s website for Educator Evaluation is found here. The website describes the cycle of evaluation in detail. Note to UTL members that some aspects of the Evaluation Cycle as outlined by Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, namely the use of DDMs (District Determined Measures) and Student Feedback Surveys, have not been negotiated or agreed upon for use as evaluation data for United Teachers of Lowell members. Please let the UTL know immediately if you are asked to include either of these items as part of an Educator Evaluation.

Apologies in advance for the selfie we used as an Episode image. Thanks again to both Pina and Mickie for clarifying the requirements and process for uploading artifacts and evidence for the Teacher Evaluation process. Thanks also to all of our listeners for tuning in to this Episode. We welcome your general comments and feedback. If you have suggestions for future podcasts or if you are aware of a UTL member who might be willing share expertise and experiences, please email us at

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