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Episode 41: Spotlight on the Cast & Crew of Shrek the Musical

Episode 41: Spotlight on the Cast & Crew of Shrek the Musical

If you weren’t already aware, Lowell High School has an outstanding Fine Arts Department. Visiting the “basement”, the area of Lowell High where the Fine Arts classrooms are located, one can’t help but notice the rooms and hallway spaces buzzing with activity, especially around the times when performances are scheduled.

Lowell High School has produced a musical for many years and each year it seems as if the productions just get better and better. Talented casts of students sing, dance, act - and sometimes fly - during these outstanding performances. The large ensemble casts and crew members work together not only to create memorable performances, but they also work as ensembles far ahead of performances to raise funds that enable these first-rate productions. One way we as a community can support these talented students is by attending one of their performances.

This week, we had an opportunity to chat with three of the lead actors in Shrek, The Musical, as well as Stage Manager, Kevin Snow and the group’s Theater Advisor, Lennie Machado. If their enthusiasm is any indication, the performances on May 17, May 18, and May 19 are not to be missed!

We are delighted to spotlight this great cast and crew from Lowell High School’s production of Shrek, the Musical.


  • Performances for Shrek are:

    • Friday, May 17 at 7 pm

    • Saturday, May 18 at 7 pm

    • Sunday, May 19 at 2 pm

      All performances are held in the Lowell High School Auditorium on French Street.

  • Tickets are available at the door or online at the Lowell High School: $15 per person, $10 per senior/student. For online ticket sales, click here.

  • Link to Lowell High School’s Fine Arts Department for more news about student exhibits, performances and activities.

Thanks to Brady, Raylene, Andrew, Kevin and to their Advisor, Lennie Machado for speaking with us. Thanks also to LHS Fine Arts Chair. Dr. Sharon Clark, for helping us to connect to this outstanding group. Again, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that an undertaking such as this one involves a large group of students who are not only on the stage but also in the crew. 

As the cast mentioned, this program is sustained through fundraisers that include program ads, car washes, and many year-long student fundraising efforts. While the group receives some financial support through donations, the students themselves do much of the fundraising for this performance as well as the performances of the other excellent Fine Arts opportunities at Lowell High School. We hope everyone listening to this podcast will attend one of the three performances (May 17-May 19). You’ll not only be amazed by the high-quality of the student performance, you’ll be treating yourself to some terrific home-grown entertainment. We’ll be there and we hope many of you will come out to support this fine group as well.

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