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Episode 11: Weingarten Rights, Confidentiality, and Social Media

Episode 11: Weingarten Rights, Confidentiality, and Social Media

Welcome back to a new school year United Teachers of Lowell Members! We know everyone has been hard at work preparing for the return to school and Fall routines.  We send warm wishes for a great school year and welcome our newest members to Lowell Public Schools and the United Teachers of Lowell.

We'd like to ensure everyone understands the importance of their Weingarten Rights. How and when you might wish to invoke these rights is explained by Mickie Dumont in this podcast.  We also talk about the process for addressing personnel, personal, and/or building questions so that there is an expeditious resolution.  And finally, we offer a brief reminder of how best to use the UTL's closed group Facebook Group Page.

As the Fall progresses, you can expect to see some new ways of reaching out to members, including this podcast which we started about 3 months ago.  We hope you will browse some of the earlier topics and perhaps even subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcast's page. We will continue to publish new weekly episodes featuring not only UTL news and members, but also introducing members to some behind-the-scenes people working on our behalf. Check back each Wednesday for new Episodes.

For More Information:

To contact the UTL Office by telephone, call 978-937-9039. To reach the office via email, please be sure to use a personal (non-work) email account. Contact the office at 

For more information on Weingarten Rights, this link provides information that may be useful. Remember, that YOU, the employee have the responsibility to invoke your Weingarten Rights, not your supervisor or administrator. Your UTL Building Representative can be present in a meeting with you, or, should you need the Staff Representative, J. Michael Earle's assistance, contact the UTL offices by phone (978-937-9039).

Listen to our AFT Field Rep and Negotiator, Caryn LaFlamme as she talks about these rights and other Field Rep responsibilities in Episode 6 of Straight Talk.  

If you are not currently on UTL's GET ACTIVE system, we strongly recommend that you join this email network now so that you can receive timely information. You can either call the UTL offices (978-937-9039) and request to be included OR email the UTL at You will need to submit a non-work email address to be part of GET ACTIVE.

To join the UTL closed Facebook Group, make a request to join. Bona fide dues-paying UTL members and UTL retirees are welcome to join the group conversations, which are moderated by the Group Admins.  

As always, we thank you for listening to this week's podcast. We welcome your comments and feedback. If you have suggestions for future podcasts, send us an email at UTLStraightTalk@gmail.comAnd if you enjoy our podcasts, be sure to spread the word - or share with a friend (or two).

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